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Experience the difference that a hands-on physical therapy approach can make at MotionWorks Physical Therapy!             

Look forward to your physical therapy appointments knowing that you will receive the ultimate in personalized care from the same licensed physical therapist from start to finish in each visit and throughout your rehabilitation program.

Manual Therapy

  • Throws the cookbook protocol approach out the window, as your treatment is based on you and the specific problem areas related to your injury.
  • Addresses the tightness in scar tissue, soft tissue, and joints that can make the difference between swift success and delayed, sub-par results whether you are recovering from surgery or a particular injury.
  • Combined with the appropriate exercises, movement education, and progression to functional activities will maximize your ability to achieve your rehabilitation goals.
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Your Initial Evaluation

  • Consists of an extensive medical history and the history of your current injury, including other types of treatment you may have tried in the past.
  • Is a thorough evaluation of your individual movement pattern to determine the potential sources of your pain and limited function.

Your Plan of Care

  • Incorporates your goals into your individualized treatment plan.
  • Will be updated frequently as you progress and reach your goals.
  • Includes exercises and education to help prevent your injury from happening again.
  • Contains a carefully planned return to activity guided by your physical therapist to determine the correct type of exercise, as well as the intensity level appropriate through each phase of healing.

Your Treatment Team

  • Starts with you!
  • Includes everyone important to you: your physician, specialists, licensed athletic trainer, strength and conditioning coach, head coach, parents/family, and anyone else!
  • Will be kept in the loop each step of the way!

Serving Appleton, Oshkosh, Neenah and Menasha.