Patient-Centered Care

More than just words, the one-on-one attention you will receive from the same Doctor of Physical Therapy each visit
is our brand promise.
Once patients have experienced the
highest quality specialty care available
at MotionWorks, they assure us
that they will never go anywhere else!

Manual Therapy

Hands-on, manual therapy is our secret sauce to getting you better, faster.
By reducing myofascial restrictions,
scar adhesions, and joint capsule tightness,
your recovery from injury or
surgery is expedited. 
Learn more about our manual therapy approach...

Functional Exercise Prescription

Functional Exercise Prescription

Once your soft tissue and joint capsule are normalized, functional exercise
can begin with an assessment
of your movement patterns.
You then will receive your individualized exercise prescription to address
remaining symptoms, posture habits, and areas of weakness to help you move
more efficiently, with less risk of re-injury.