August 2013

Build a Better Body: New Year, New YOU!

MotionWorks is excited to announce the return of our popular Build a Better Body Class AND our new Advanced Build a Better Body Class! Starting this fall, join us for a 10 week, one or two times a week sessions to build your body stronger, faster, and better! Both classes will improve your coordination, foot speed, movement pattern efficiency, balance, strength, power, stability, and clean up your form to keep you injury-free, all while having fun and burning some calories! Our original Build a Better Body class is designed for the beginner, who is recently recovered from an injury, would like to start working out for the first time in a while, or would like to learn how to move better and focus on stabilization exercises to provide some beneficial strength training as an adjunct to their current exercise program.

Sports Medicine Career Exploring Post

Sports Medicine Career ExplorersMotionWorks Physical Therapy is once again hosting a Sports Medicine Career Exploring Post starting this September! The program is open to all high school boys and girls who are interested in exploring a career in sports medicine in the Fox Valley.