Color Run in Oshkosh

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Color RunBy Cathy Murphy

This is the first year of the Color My New Year 5K run in Oshkosh. Color runs are one of the latest 5K twists that have become very popular. Maybe mud runs and obstacles are not your thing, but you don’t mind a splash of color. Then this might be a good run for you.

I have been intrigued by the color run idea since I first heard about them last summer. I was hesitant at first to sign up not knowing how a color run would fair in the winter. I finally decided to sign up because running a race on January 1st is a good way to start the New Year, right?!

I was given a long sleeve white T-shirt and bib number at the check-in table. I was disappointed to see the white shirt was completely blank. It would have been nice to have the name of the run or at least “New Year’s 2013” printed on it. I caught some quick thinking runners with black markers writing just that on the back of their shirts before the race.

Since the temperature that morning was in the single digits (at least there was little to no wind chill), I had on many layers. I put my white shirt on over all my layers. There were less people wearing costumes than you see in the summer races. However, lots of runners were wearing New Year’s party hats or tiaras.

This particular color run had color zones at the start of the race, at about the half mile and one and a half mile marks, and at the finish line. Color zones are areas where volunteers throw powder color at you. The half mile color zone had two different colors, while the other color stations had just one color. So at the end of the race, your white shirt had purple, green, pink, and yellow color on it. At each of the color zones, we were veered off the road into parking lots where they had the color set up. From what I have read, most color runs have color zones at each kilometer with a different color for each color zone.

In the end, it was not exactly what I was expecting, but despite the frigid temperatures, it was a nice race to start out the New Year. I would be interested in trying a different color run next time to see the difference. I would definitely consider this race again for next year. Running a race on New Year’s Day was a good way to start the year off on the right foot.