Sports Medicine Career Exploring Post

Sports Medicine Career ExplorersMotionWorks Physical Therapy is once again hosting a Sports Medicine Career Exploring Post starting this September! The program is open to all high school boys and girls who are interested in exploring a career in sports medicine in the Fox Valley. This year’s program will consist of monthly meetings held at MotionWorks Physical Therapy in Neenah, and special events in and around the Fox Valley related to sports medicine.

If you or someone you know is a high school student interested in the program, please call 920-215-2050 and provide us with your mailing address, so we can send you an invitation for our opening night meeting which will be held in September. Current topics we are considering covering in this year’s program include career and college information, functional rehabilitation/core training, manual therapy, orthopedic surgery techniques, sports performance training, and more. For more info, please call 920-215-2050 or email our post leader at