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Get better at footballRun faster. Jump higher.Get better at soccer Want to elevate your game?

Looking to shatter your PR?


Do you need to get faster?

Be stronger?

Improve your footwork?


Let MotionWorks help you achieve your goals!


MotionWorks Strength and Conditioning Services kick off with an individual, one-hour Sport Specific Performance Assessment (SSPA), which evaluates both the anatomy and functional components necessary for the athletes’ individual sport(s). Next, a specific flexibility, strengthening, agility, and aerobic conditioning program will be developed. After a foundation has been established, your individual program will be advanced according to a periodized schedule to ensure your peak potential is optimally positioned for sporting success.

One-on-One Flexible Program

Unlike other athletic performance enhancement programs, MotionWorks Physical Therapy offers one-on-one training and instruction for each of the components of the program.  Athletes also have the option of following a training program on their own 1-2 days per week; a program that is specifically designed to help the athlete achieve his or her specific goals.  With guidance from your strength and conditioning coach, you can choose your own schedule to keep your training on track without breaking the bank. Because the program is structured completely around you- your sports schedule, your priorities, and your coaching and athletic training needs, you can do in-season sessions to work particular areas of weakness and athletic goals without diminishing your current sport performance.

You will get your money’s worth, as you will only pay for the sessions you attend. The average length of session is 60 minutes, although an alternative duration and schedule may be developed based on athletes’ unique needs.

Measurable Results

Want to see results? Pre and post program testing will prove how much you gained! And you will see results with a program that may contain all of the following: functional warm-up, agility and foot speed training, strengthening (may include basic Olympic lifts), coordination drills, sprinting mechanics, aerobic training, nutrition advice, and core strengthening and stabilization.

PackageSessionsOptionsPriceAdd-on Sessions

A: 2x/wk for 4 wks

B: 1x/wk for 8 wks

$520Add 4 more sessions for $240
Season Prep16

A: 2x/wk for 8 wks

B: 1x/wk for 16 wks

$880Add 4 more sessions for $200
Hard Core24

A: 2x/wk for 12 wks

B: 1x/wk for 24 wks

$1080Add 4 more sessions for $180

Want to partner up? Add a second athlete for $100 off the package rate for each participating athlete.
Add on a uniquely developed written training program designed just for you for your off day per week for $80 per 8 week session